Perform is the ultimate personalised fitness experience, designed specifically for Personal Training and Group Fitness. Helping transform the health and wellbeing of individuals of all ages, sizes, shapes and fitness levels.

We do this first by undertaking an initial body composition/health & lifestyle assessment and identifying your particular health and fitness goals.

We then create a fitness plan designed to achieve those goals in a way which accommodates the demands of your lifestyle and individual requirements.  Also providing you with advice on nutrition which can support you in developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

As your strength and fitness improves and develops, we continue to assess and monitor your progress so that we can adjust your training and nutrition programme to ensure you are fully supported and sufficiently challenged throughout your fitness journey.


The training environment and equipment within the Perform gym has been carefully selected by our founder, Peter Meakin and is a first class facility unparalleled in the North West.

Peter’s wealth of experience gained from studying the science of body composition and strength and conditioning training, combined with also working at the highest levels of professional sport, both as an athlete himself and as a coach, has enabled him to identify the most efficient ways of training individuals seeking to achieve a wide range of goals.


Peter Meakin Personal Trainer Liverpool Speke Perform Gym


“If you are looking to make a change in the right direction, get in touch and come and view our facilities. No fads. No fuss. Job done!”

Combining a high level of academic and vocational study with extensive experience of maximising performance at the elite levels of professional sport (ranging from professional club level up to Olympic and International athletes) Peter is recognised as one of the most skilled Personal Trainers in the North West.


MSc Strength and Conditioning
BSc Sports Science
UKSCA Accredited Strength and Conditioning Coach
L3 Personal Trainer



“My training style is all about good form and technique, whether it be boxing or strength training. I’m definitely not one to ‘beast’ clients!”

Aaron discovered health and fitness at just 16, when he got into thai/kickboxing. After achieving his black belt and moved into training, first working with kids and training fighters using the skills he’d learned.

Naturally Aaron specialises in boxing and pad work, but he also leads Personal Training sessions and instructs bootcamp session


BSc Sports Studies
Level 3 Personal Trainer
Black Belt Thai Boxing
Black Belt Kickboxing

Simon Chadwick Perform Gym Liverpool


“Just chip away at it, keep going and don’t quit. Consistency is key!”

Simon has been a Personal Trainer for over a decade. He is passionate about seeing people live lives that reach their full potential.

With your energy, commitment and persistence alongside his knowledge, passion and expertise, Simon believes that your goals are truly achievable.

He has a passion for Crossfit and Golf and enjoys spending his time doing both.


Level 3 Personal Trainer
Level 1 Crossfit Coach
Certificate in Nutrition

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