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Consultation and Initial Assessment

Each and every client who walks through the door here at Perform will begin with an evaluation of his or her needs.

This consists of a thorough analysis of health and injury status, training, nutrition and lifestyle history and an open discussion on client goals and the process involved in achieving these.

By the time we conclude an initial assessment, we will have all of the information necessary to design a personalised Personal Training and Nutrition program and will book in your time slots for your training to commence.

Personal Training Gym Liverpool

Personal Training

Our Personal Training membership is our most popular option, and is recommended for the majority of fitness goals that you may have.

Based on a thorough needs analysis you would be prescribed a personalised training program which you will be supported through at Perform.

You will also receive a personalised nutrition program, from which we will help you to develop the skills not only to eat well according to your goals, but enjoy a healthy, and flexible lifestyle for the long term.

During your choice of 2, 3 or 4 Personal Training sessions per week, you will join a small group of likeminded clients, each completing their individual programs under the supervision of our Personal Trainers.

Group Fitness Bootcamp classes Liverpool

Group Fitness

Our Group Fitness membership is an excellent option for those looking to get their high energy, high intensity cardio fix in a highly motivating environment.

Our unique Bootcamp system allows us to personalise every exercise a client undertakes in our classes, ensuring that you are working at your own pace to improve your own fitness levels.

We pride ourselves on having a friendly and encouraging environment for our clients to train and the limited class size ensures close supervision and support.

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