Normally fitness targets are set around weight loss or boosting strength, but as Perform opens for the first time in 2019, we’re looking at other types of fitness targets.

You see, fitness targets based around weight or strength are ‘outcome goals’, which are great, but they’re not always under your control. When you fail due to unforeseen circumstances, it’s easy to get disheartened, give up or wonder what the point of it all is.

If this feels like you, then why not set some fitness targets that you can control?

They’re just as effective but unlike losing weight or increasing strength, success is entirely down to you, as they are based on your personal behaviours and habits.

These goals are called process goals and can be applied to three areas; training, nutrition and lifestyle. To illustrate our founder, Peter, has shared his personal fitness targets for 2019 and how he plans to monitor them below. Why don’t you use these guidelines to set your own?

Fitness Target #1 – Frequency of Training

As we see time and time again, consistency is key when it comes to getting results. Rather than setting a weight loss goal, why not commit to a certain number of sessions over the year? This is something you alone can control and manage to fit around your life and you’ll see progress as a result.

Peter says: “I have set myself the target of attending the gym 150 times in 2019. That’s three sessions per week every week, with two weeks off for holidays. I’ll track and monitor this with the Mindbody app on a quarterly basis. My aim is to be consistent, every session will include some mobility, strength and conditioning.”

Fitness Target #2 – Nutrition

Nutrition shouldn’t be an afterthought to training. Get this right and everything else follows. Look at where you usually struggle, do you always skip breakfast? Make it your goal to fit in something healthy to eat in the morning, five days a week. Eating too much or not enough? Putting targets in here to improve consistency are valid fitness goals too!

Peter says: “I often don’t eat enough and that means I lack energy in the evenings, so in 2019 I’m challenging myself to eat four meals per day, five days a week. I’m not trying to be perfect, just consistent.”

Fitness Target #3 – Lifestyle Targets

Too often we overlook feeling good and improving our daily habits when setting fitness goals. But our lifestyle habits can have a huge impact on our health and fitness. Balance between work and play and training and rest is just as important as nutrition and training.

Peter says: “This year, want to be more productive when I’m working and completely ‘off’ when I’m not. As a business owner it is far too easy to spend my time off sat with a laptop, not really getting much done but making it feel like I never stop, which can be draining and make me inefficient. By separating work and rest and ensuring the boundaries don’t blur I’m aiming to boost efficiency in work time and really make the most of my down time.”

If you’re already a Perform Fitness Family member, why not speak to Aaron or Peter about your 2019 fitness targets. They’ll help you to set and monitor them. Looking to get started? Why not try our 30-day trial for just £59 – all the information is here.

Here’s to a happy, healthy and balanced 2019!

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