The biggest mistake any of us can make when looking at our own health and fitness is thinking that the numbers on the scales and the size of our waistbands are the only measure of success.

Of course they are an indicator that your fitness regime and nutrition plan are woking. Weight loss or dropping a dress size may even be a goal that you are working towards. However, here at Perform they are certainly not the be all and end all.

You only have to read our recent Perform Fitness Family stories, to see that there are many more measures of success, such as finding some me time in the gym and building your confidence.

To get you thinking more broadly about success, we’ve compiled a list of other signs that your health and fitness regime is well on track and that you are doing a great job.

8 signs your health and fitness plan is working

1 You’re sleeping better

Exercise can improve the quality and quantity of your sleep by reducing stress and tiring you out. Early morning and afternoon/early evening sessions in particular tend to raise the body temperature slightly, then allow it to drop and induce tiredness a few hours later.

2 You feel like your mental health has improved

So many of our members exercise not just for physical health, but for mental health too.  Many studies show that exercise can treat mild to moderate depression as effectively as antidepressant medication and that an exercise schedule can maintain good mental health. This is because physical activity releases endorphins, the powerful chemicals in your brain that promote well-being and happiness.

3 You feel more confident

Of course, if you lose a few pounds or drop a dress size, it’s going to be a confidence boost. But the same could be said about learning a new technique for an exercise, overcoming an injury or just making new friends in the gym. Whatever your short and long term health and fitness goals are, you’ll feel more confident as you hit each one.

4 You make better food choices

The day you choose the healthy, delicious chicken fajitas or salad over a greasy burger and chips without being forcefully dragged away from the junk food is a sign that you’re training your mind and body for a long term, healthier and happier lifestyle. The more you train and stick to your nutrition plan, the more good habits you gain – that’s a big a step as losing a stone (and will probably lead to that as well too)!

5 You’re getting stronger

Strength and stamina improvements are huge milestones in any health and fitness regime. Sometimes the increases are tiny increments, but they all add up. Going up a weight in kettlebells or lifting that extra five kilos in a deadlift is evidence that the effort you are putting in is having an impact.

6 Your energy levels are up

Exercise boosts cardiovascular health and this gives you more energy to get through your day, making it easier to manage daily tasks without feeling tired or sluggish.

7 You actually enjoy going to the gym

A few of our members have told us that our programme is the only one they have ever stuck too. Most say they actually ENJOY coming to the gym (depending on what the finisher is that month). This may be because of the variety of exercises, the convenient timing of sessions or just the people they train with (especially the glamorous PTs eh?) – but whatever it is, when you find health and fitness enjoyable and not just a chore, that’s another sign you’re on track.

8 You don’t beat yourself up

When you have confidence in your health and fitness routine and you are seeing results in more than just weight and clothing size, you see yourself in a much more positive light and go easier on yourself. Yes, you’ll have bad days – we all do – but when you miss a session or have that extra slice of cake, you know you don’t need to beat yourself up. The changes you are making are lifestyle changes and we’re all only human. When your plan is on track, you’ll just move on, push a little harder in that next session and remind yourself that you’re doing great.

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