“I’d always been active as a kid, playing football and things like that, but at 14 I started kickboxing. The training was intense and I started to take fitness seriously, especially once I started to fight at the age 16.

I got into martial arts as I wanted to do something different and more than just playing football. Training alongside kickboxing was just a part of that. In the end I stopped kickboxing to start coaching people, I enjoyed the sport, but it didn’t pay the bills! Becoming a personal trainer allowed me to make a living from what I loved doing.

When I was younger my motivation to train was to prepare for a fight, for a grading or just to be fitter for me. Now, though, I am a dad of two young girls and I want to stay fit and healthy for them.

I was really excited to join Perform, I’d worked with Peter in the past and I knew how good a coach he was as he’d helped me out a lot before (in return for some boxing training). The gym was so much better than any other I had worked in, right from the start.

The atmosphere was – and still is – second to none. That’s down to the clients and coaches and it is something you just don’t get in a mainstream gym. With the small group training approach, everyone gets to know everyone and it creates a great environment for working and training.

The equipment we use is excellent and we do things that other gyms just don’t do, like functional movement screening (FMS), which helps us identify member’s strengths and imbalances and tailor their training programme to address them. That really make an impact on results and overall health and fitness.

I wouldn’t be the coach I am today without Peter’s support and guidance and I couldn’t imagine training a better group of members. They make my job a pleasure and the gym what it is.

I honestly believe Perform in the best gym in Liverpool and would obviously recommend it to anyone, whether you’re a complete newbie or have trained before. It’s a great environment to train in. There are no egos, just a gang of mates supported by personal trainers with knowledge and experience to boot.”

Aaron W, Perform Fitness Family member and PT since March 2017

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