Set for Summer: Lose Weight Without Crash Dieting

Summertime and the holiday season is creeping up on us. As it does, so too does the mass panic to shed weight fast for summer, by any means. It’s something we find genuinely worrying.

Fad diets, meal replacement programmes even slimming pills and shakes are all a toxic part of this mix, quite often costing people money and their overall health. Simply put crash diets are bad for you and they are bad for your mind and body too.


“I’d always been active as a kid, playing football and things like that, but at 14 I started kickboxing. The training was intense and I started to take fitness seriously, especially once I started to fight at the age 16.

I got into martial arts as I wanted to do something different and more than just playing football. Training alongside kickboxing was just a part of that. In the end I stopped kickboxing to start coaching people, I enjoyed the sport, but it didn’t pay the bills! Becoming a personal trainer allowed me to make a living from what I loved doing.


Laura W'S Fitness Story

“I started training at Perform in the summer of 2018, just over a year after I had my left leg amputated.

After finding a lump in the sole of my left foot in 2014, I was eventually diagnosed with a rare and untreatable form of cancer called a Sarcoma in April 2017. My doctors feared the cancer could spread and told me that amputating below my knee would ultimately save my life, so I underwent my operation on 3rd May 2017.


body transformations

It’s always this time of year that we start to see a flurry of “30-day body transformations”, “beach body boot camps” or “six week shreds”.

Most promise the same thing, significant weight loss in a short time frame. Some are so confident in their “tried and tested” techniques, they’ll even give you your money back if you don’t get the results you want.

Sounds great doesn’t it? Hit it hard for six weeks, eat like a bird and live like a hermit. Do that and you’re sorted *poof*. Body – transformed for good. Except, that’s not how it works.


“My reasons for joining Perform weren’t the ones you’d expect for a guy who had just turned 30. I’d had two hip replacements in two years, due to arthritis in both hips. I’d lost my regular fitness level over the past six to eight years due to the pain I was experiencing. When I decided to join Perform I was at rock bottom in terms of fitness levels, practically having to learn to walk again after the operations I’d had.


running and strength training

There are lots of reasons that not all runners incorporate strength training into their running regimes. Some don’t feel comfortable training in a gym, as it’s not what they are used to, others think it’s something only injury-prone runners need to consider, while many just don’t fully understand the benefits.


“I started training when I was about 14. At first I went to classes at my local gym before or after school, but I eventually ventured into the gym itself. As a kid I loved watching Gladiators and wanted to be just like them and I also dreamed of one day climbing a mountain like Kilimanjaro!


InBody Body Composition Analysis

Last week Perform added the InBody body composition analyser (or IB as we affectionately call it) to the team, so we thought we’d explain a little bit about our new space-age looking piece of kit and how it will change member assessments in future.


Jackie W's Fitness Story

“I started training at Perform on my 57th birthday, after about two years of dipping in and out of a number of exercise classes. I’d started doing those classes after I was diagnosed with osteoporosis at 55.

It was a real shock – we all still think we are 20 in our heads don’t we? It was then that my thought process changed from wanting to drop a dress size, to “this is serious now Jackie, the clock is ticking.

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