Christmas Dinner Calories

The basic foundation of a delicious Christmas Dinner is actually a pretty good option as far as culinary indulgences go, it’s just all the address extras and the excess of the season that leaves us all bloated and carrying a little ‘holiday weight’.

With just under two weeks to go until the big day, we’re breaking down exactly what’s in your Christmas Dinner when it comes to calorific content. This isn’t to put you off your annual festive fill-up or to ruin the fun, it’s to ensure you can make better choices over the rest of the break so you can REALLY enjoy the indulgence!


Perform Fitness Family Ben Jone

“I was very health conscious in my teens and early 20s and I played a lot of sport to quite high levels when I was at school and university. 

However, this gradually got less and less as my career started to take priority. Running a number of companies having been in IT for many years, my work has always involved a lot of travelling and meeting/ office based work on a laptop. I had also faced some longer standing issues with knees, hips and lower back from old sports injuries, none of which had recovered properly or been helped by my working lifestyle.   


SMART pre-Christmas fitness goals

Christmas decorations are going up, supermarket shelves are stacked high with mince pies, Baileys and other festive treats. You’ve probably got boozy or food-filled celebrations planned with work, friends and family from now until New Year’s Day.

It hardly seems like the time to be setting fitness goals, does it?


Health and Fitness Success Signs

The biggest mistake any of us can make when looking at our own health and fitness is thinking that the numbers on the scales and the size of our waistbands are the only measure of success.

Of course they are an indicator that your fitness regime and nutrition plan are woking. Weight loss or dropping a dress size may even be a goal that you are working towards. However, here at Perform they are certainly not the be all and end all.


Perform Fitness Family Alex G's Fitness Story

Honestly, I’d never set foot in a gym until 2015. I joined Perform properly at the start of 2018 as a way of building on work I had already done to lose eight stone. Before then walking had been my main form of exercise.

I later joined another gym and did one session a week, as a way of keeping the weight off and ensuring I didn’t get complacent. Although I had made progress I still felt tired and miserable a lot of the time, so I decided to start training properly. I wanted to push myself a little harder and find support from like-minded people.


National Curry Week

Just because you’re sticking to a nutrition plan doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the food that you enjoy. If there’s one thing that staff and members at Perform Gym love it’s a good curry! So, to celebrate National Curry Week we’ve pulled together some top tips for enjoying a guilt-free curry treat this week and beyond, along with some recipe and serving hacks from our Perform Fitness Family.


My Fitness Story Laura F

There were a few moments that made me realise I needed to start exercising. My stressful job as a teacher was consuming my life. Exercise was always recommended because it provides an outlet and releases endorphins, but I found it hard to fit in around work.


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