ways to start exercising again

It’s the time of year when people are searching for simple ways to start exercising again. Whether it’s the end of the indulgence that summer brings or the start of the new school year for parents that have been rushed of their feet over the holidays, getting back into fitness after a break away isn’t easy.

If finding the motivation to get started wasn’t enough, chances are – when you do take the plunge and try to kick start your regime – exercises feel awkward and anything cardio is an absolute killer!

Here at Perform our members are all ordinary people with very different lifestyles and unique needs, but there are some universal ways to make getting back on track easier and more enjoyable. Here are our top four tips:


Having spoken to so many current and prospective clients about the personal training memberships we offer here at Perform, we’ve picked up on a few common misconceptions about personal training, what it entails and what is expected of you when you’re starting out.

The majority of clients who search out a personal trainer are looking for guidance in both exercise and/or nutrition because they want to feel better about themselves in some way. This could be to lose weight, improve health, recover from an injury or achieve a personal fitness goal.

The funny thing is, the very thing that people are looking for is something they also use as an excuse not to start. You know, the constant monitoring of progress, accountability, the worry that you’re not fit enough for a PT…

Sound familiar?

I’m going to let you off the hook here, as it’s perfectly normal to be anxious about the unknown. But there is no need to be. Personal training is suitable for everyone, regardless of fitness level, goals or experience.


5 Ways Single Leg Training is Better than Squats!


Do you do enough single leg training when you are in the gym?


Odds are (especially if you are male), NO!


Everyone loves the big movements, the squats, deadlifts, leg press etc. But in an era of poor hip mobility, bad squat mechanics, bad lower backs, muscle imbalances and injuries galore this isn’t always the best way, or the most effective.


Here are my reasons why you should have at least one single leg movement in your program every week:


Modern Day Warm Up

May 11, 2016

Gone are the days of a 5 minute jog on the treadmill for your warm up. This non specific method genuinely doesn’t do much more to prepare you for your training other than literally ‘warm you up’.


Fasted cardio is the concept of training in the morning, usually low intensity cardio like walking etc. before consuming any food. The theory is that the lack of glycogen present as a fuel will encourage the body to turn to fat stores, mobilising more fat and burning more.

This is why many trainers and fitness enthusiasts have turned to this approach for increased results.

However, this myth of fasted cardio effectiveness has been disproven across several studies.

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