In this modern fitness world, you women have turned a corner over the last few years. It is awesome to see so many of you lifting real weights and eating real food, building your bodies rather than breaking them down with diets and endless cardio.

So to that end, here are some general programming principles to maximise your muscle building results:


For me there are too many men following the adapted body building programs from years gone by found in health and fitness magazines and delivered by poorly educated trainers.

These programs prioritise body part splits as their training methodology, usually something along the lines of: chest and biceps; back and triceps; shoulders with the majority skipping leg day. Yes many body builders train this way and always have done, and yes they get results from this (to a degree). But have you?


There is a lot of talk about the right nutrition and the right training etc. However, one of the most important factors you should consider and prioritise is your sleep!

Something that elite sports people have shown huge interest in over the years is improving the quality of their sleep. They are aware that the harder that they train, the greater the need for recovery, and as we know we don’t adapt during a workout (this is the stimulus for adaptation), we adapt during the recovery phase.


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A few things to watch out for and consider before choosing a PT. You are not paying for a training or nutrition program, or even motivation etc. You are paying for results (all those things are tools used to get you there). If you are not getting results, what are you paying for?


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