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Set for Summer: Lose Weight Without Crash Dieting

Summertime and the holiday season is creeping up on us. As it does, so too does the mass panic to shed weight fast for summer, by any means. It’s something we find genuinely worrying.

Fad diets, meal replacement programmes even slimming pills and shakes are all a toxic part of this mix, quite often costing people money and their overall health. Simply put crash diets are bad for you and they are bad for your mind and body too.


body transformations

It’s always this time of year that we start to see a flurry of “30-day body transformations”, “beach body boot camps” or “six week shreds”.

Most promise the same thing, significant weight loss in a short time frame. Some are so confident in their “tried and tested” techniques, they’ll even give you your money back if you don’t get the results you want.

Sounds great doesn’t it? Hit it hard for six weeks, eat like a bird and live like a hermit. Do that and you’re sorted *poof*. Body – transformed for good. Except, that’s not how it works.



We need to talk about sugar and not just because this Friday marks the start of Sugar Free February.

Although clearly a marketing campaign (and not quite as catchy in title as Dry January, Veganuary, Stoptober and all the rest) there’s a lot of sense behind the gimmicky name.


Meal prep for normal people

January 15, 2019
Meal prep like a normal person

Hands up if you’re fed up of seeing meal prep posts on social media urging you to “prep like a boss” alongside neat rows of tupperware containing the same, presumably nutritious yet unappetising-looking slop. Or those insta-famous meal preppers that tell you it’s EASY to prep a week’s worth of meals – different dishes every other day at least – that look like gourmet fare from a high end restaurant. What about those macro-balanced meal delivery services that are popping up across the city to make healthy, balanced eating easy and enjoyable (but pretty tough on your wallet)? 

We aren’t being haters here. If it works for you, any of the above are fine. It’s just that most of us aren’t made to ‘prep like a boss’.


Christmas Dinner Calories

The basic foundation of a delicious Christmas Dinner is actually a pretty good option as far as culinary indulgences go, it’s just all the address extras and the excess of the season that leaves us all bloated and carrying a little ‘holiday weight’.

With just under two weeks to go until the big day, we’re breaking down exactly what’s in your Christmas Dinner when it comes to calorific content. This isn’t to put you off your annual festive fill-up or to ruin the fun, it’s to ensure you can make better choices over the rest of the break so you can REALLY enjoy the indulgence!


Perform Fitness Family Nikki G's Fitness Story

When I initially started training at Perform I believed I was just signing up to lose a bit of weight and get a bit fitter. However, looking back it was actually much more than that.


National Curry Week

Just because you’re sticking to a nutrition plan doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the food that you enjoy. If there’s one thing that staff and members at Perform Gym love it’s a good curry! So, to celebrate National Curry Week we’ve pulled together some top tips for enjoying a guilt-free curry treat this week and beyond, along with some recipe and serving hacks from our Perform Fitness Family.


My Fitness Story Laura F

There were a few moments that made me realise I needed to start exercising. My stressful job as a teacher was consuming my life. Exercise was always recommended because it provides an outlet and releases endorphins, but I found it hard to fit in around work.


Nutrition Hibernation Autumn

Hands up who’s feeling hungrier at the moment? Finding it hard to keep to your nutrition and manage your calorie intake? Well, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Research has revealed that we do actually consume more in the cooler months than in spring and summer.


Fitting Fitness into Your Life

Usually we think that getting started with a new exercise and nutrition regime is the hard bit, as we discussed in a recent blog. However, experience and chatting to our members can tell quite a different story. It’s fitting fitness into your life that’s the real challenge for many of us.


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