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Perform Fitness Family Nikki G's Fitness Story

When I initially started training at Perform I believed I was just signing up to lose a bit of weight and get a bit fitter. However, looking back it was actually much more than that.


My Fitness Story Laura F

There were a few moments that made me realise I needed to start exercising. My stressful job as a teacher was consuming my life. Exercise was always recommended because it provides an outlet and releases endorphins, but I found it hard to fit in around work.


Fitting Fitness into Your Life

Usually we think that getting started with a new exercise and nutrition regime is the hard bit, as we discussed in a recent blog. However, experience and chatting to our members can tell quite a different story. It’s fitting fitness into your life that’s the real challenge for many of us.


ways to start exercising again

It’s the time of year when people are searching for simple ways to start exercising again. Whether it’s the end of the indulgence that summer brings or the start of the new school year for parents that have been rushed of their feet over the holidays, getting back into fitness after a break away isn’t easy.

If finding the motivation to get started wasn’t enough, chances are – when you do take the plunge and try to kick start your regime – exercises feel awkward and anything cardio is an absolute killer!

Here at Perform our members are all ordinary people with very different lifestyles and unique needs, but there are some universal ways to make getting back on track easier and more enjoyable. Here are our top four tips:


Following on from our previous post on Resting Metabolic Rate, we’re going to look at what has the next biggest impact on our metabolism, Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis.


In a new series, Perform Founder, Peter, looks at how understanding your metabolism can help you progress towards your health and fitness goals, starting with Resting Metabolic Rate.  


Having spoken to so many current and prospective clients about the personal training memberships we offer here at Perform, we’ve picked up on a few common misconceptions about personal training, what it entails and what is expected of you when you’re starting out.

The majority of clients who search out a personal trainer are looking for guidance in both exercise and/or nutrition because they want to feel better about themselves in some way. This could be to lose weight, improve health, recover from an injury or achieve a personal fitness goal.

The funny thing is, the very thing that people are looking for is something they also use as an excuse not to start. You know, the constant monitoring of progress, accountability, the worry that you’re not fit enough for a PT…

Sound familiar?

I’m going to let you off the hook here, as it’s perfectly normal to be anxious about the unknown. But there is no need to be. Personal training is suitable for everyone, regardless of fitness level, goals or experience.


2 Most Common Postural Issues We See


So there are 2 major postural issues I see with nearly every client that comes through the doors here at Perform.


In this modern fitness world, you women have turned a corner over the last few years. It is awesome to see so many of you lifting real weights and eating real food, building your bodies rather than breaking them down with diets and endless cardio.

So to that end, here are some general programming principles to maximise your muscle building results:


For me there are too many men following the adapted body building programs from years gone by found in health and fitness magazines and delivered by poorly educated trainers.

These programs prioritise body part splits as their training methodology, usually something along the lines of: chest and biceps; back and triceps; shoulders with the majority skipping leg day. Yes many body builders train this way and always have done, and yes they get results from this (to a degree). But have you?


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