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“My reasons for joining Perform weren’t the ones you’d expect for a guy who had just turned 30. I’d had two hip replacements in two years, due to arthritis in both hips. I’d lost my regular fitness level over the past six to eight years due to the pain I was experiencing. When I decided to join Perform I was at rock bottom in terms of fitness levels, practically having to learn to walk again after the operations I’d had.


“I started training when I was about 14. At first I went to classes at my local gym before or after school, but I eventually ventured into the gym itself. As a kid I loved watching Gladiators and wanted to be just like them and I also dreamed of one day climbing a mountain like Kilimanjaro!


InBody Body Composition Analysis

Last week Perform added the InBody body composition analyser (or IB as we affectionately call it) to the team, so we thought we’d explain a little bit about our new space-age looking piece of kit and how it will change member assessments in future.


Jackie W's Fitness Story

“I started training at Perform on my 57th birthday, after about two years of dipping in and out of a number of exercise classes. I’d started doing those classes after I was diagnosed with osteoporosis at 55.

It was a real shock – we all still think we are 20 in our heads don’t we? It was then that my thought process changed from wanting to drop a dress size, to “this is serious now Jackie, the clock is ticking.

eat your vitamins

At Perform we’re all about making sustainable, lasting lifestyle changes that facilitate a healthier, happier and more enjoyable life. Most of the time those changes require some time and effort, but we do sometimes find shortcuts or hacks that make those changes more manageable.

That said, there are no shortcuts to some things and getting your nutrients is one of them, which is why a story about the latest celebrity fad for vitamin jabs and IV drips really got our backs up this week.

Neave M Fitness Story

“At 14 years old, I am Perform’s youngest client. My reasons for training at Perform are a bit different from other members and not just because of my age.

Today is National Love Your Pet Day today we know that – like us – many of our Perform Fitness Family members are huge animal lovers (admit it, you asked Peter to bring his new puppy in more than once, didn’t you?).

We’re using this wonderful celebration of our scaly, furry and feathered friends to share a few gifs that prove your pet could be your best gym buddy ever…

nutrition hack

Struggling to eat well while trying to keep up with work, family and life commitments?

Here at Perform, we do our best to make sticking to a nutrition plan straightforward and manageable, but we sometimes stumble across nifty hacks that can make it a whole lot more simple.

That’s what we have here and we think you’re going to like it!

“My main aim when I started training was to lose weight, tone up, get fit and become more mobile. I’d followed Peter from a previous gym. He had trained me but due to being a electrician running my own business and my father falling ill something had to give and it was the gym.


Meal prep for normal people

January 15, 2019
Meal prep like a normal person

Hands up if you’re fed up of seeing meal prep posts on social media urging you to “prep like a boss” alongside neat rows of tupperware containing the same, presumably nutritious yet unappetising-looking slop. Or those insta-famous meal preppers that tell you it’s EASY to prep a week’s worth of meals – different dishes every other day at least – that look like gourmet fare from a high end restaurant. What about those macro-balanced meal delivery services that are popping up across the city to make healthy, balanced eating easy and enjoyable (but pretty tough on your wallet)? 

We aren’t being haters here. If it works for you, any of the above are fine. It’s just that most of us aren’t made to ‘prep like a boss’.


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