Just because you’re sticking to a nutrition plan doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the food that you enjoy. If there’s one thing that staff and members at Perform Gym love it’s a good curry! So, to celebrate National Curry Week we’ve pulled together some top tips for enjoying a guilt-free curry treat this week and beyond, along with some recipe and serving hacks from our Perform Fitness Family.

At the heart of it all it’s about being aware about what you eat and making better choices – not depriving yourself altogether.

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National Curry Week: What to avoid

  • For Indian curries avoid anything that’s creamy like korma, pasanda or masala
  • Avoid deep-fried sides like bhajis and pakoras
  • Skip sundries like pilau rice, poppadoms and naan bread

National Curry Week: What to try instead

Tomato based sauces are full of flavour and much healthier, try jalfrezi and madras for a taste sensation
Give tandoori-cooked meat a go or try prawns as an alternative
For sundries go for plain rice or chapati instead of naan bread
Try a new side! There are plenty of delicious vegetable dishes including lentil side dishes known as dhal or dal

Perform Fitness Family Hacks

“When I make curry at home I serve with cauliflower rice instead of white or brown rice as the carbs are lower and the texture is same. You can make it yourself but I find Iceland’s Cauliflower Rice Frozen Steam Bags much more convenient and it it’s only £2 for four sachets.”

Nikki G, Perform Fitness Family Member

“We love a jalfrezi with chicken, pepper, mushrooms, onion with white basmati rice. We use sauce out of the jar, it’s high carb/calorie but as long as you account for that in your day and go low carb on other meals that’s no problem. Also it’s better in a bowl sitting on the couch!”

Peter M and Debbie P, Perform Fitness Family Trainers

“If i’m using shop bought sauce I don’t get low fat ones cause for some they have loads more carbs for a few less calories!”

Alexandra G, Perform Fitness Family Member

“Everyone loves a curry! I use chopped tomatoes, passata, chicken, onion, peppers, fresh chillies and dry spices with some white basmati. I’ve also found a great alternative if you want it nice and creamy…. use a tin of tomato soup as your base. It’s brilliant. Also, use a tin of coconut milk instead of passata if you fancy a Thai variation, but make sure you account for everything you use and manage the rest of your day’s food accordingly!”

Aaron W, Perform Fitness Family Trainer

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