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“The most important thing that you need to know, is that our gym is for everyone”

laura bowes


Results: Lost 56 pounds, dropped 15 inches from waist, went from a size 20 to a 12

Laura’s story: “From day one Peter has been patient and professional. His enthusiasm for training well is infectious and he has managed to keep me interested and motivated for 9 months…and counting. He’s not just training you to complete his programs, he’s equipping you with the tools to make a lifestyle change and train effectively alone. My expectations have far been exceeded, I’m delighted with my results so far and I’m excited to see how I continue to change.”



Results: Completed the Land’s End to John O’Groats Cycle and lost 17 pounds

Mike’s story: “The training I received at Perform meant I was able to complete my 963 mile ride over the 11 days, avoiding injuries and reducing muscle soreness due to my improved capacity to recovery”.

Steve Bamforth Perform Gym Client


Results: Lost 30 pound body fat in just 8 weeks

Steve’s story: “Working with Peter has opened my eyes, now I spend less time in the gym with more benefit. I am really pleased with how my physique has changed, improved posture, greater strength and a leaner physique.”

lynne and janet perform results


Results: 22 pounds down and 7 inches off waist between them

Lynne & Janet’s story: “We joined the gym and twice a week we slogged it out on the treadmill for an hour, happy because we had burned calories but not really improving. We saw the benefits of the training a client was doing with Peter and decided to sound him out.  We now have seen a difference in our fitness and shape which we never achieved before.  Peter is very encouraging and works you hard to your ability.  He gives us a programme to follow ourselves  as well as nutritional advice. We would never have dreamt of having a personal trainer before, but it is the best thing we have done.  I honestly don’t know how we would have kept motivated just doing what we were doing on our own.”

2018-05-15 20_Fotor



Neave’s story: 



Results: 40 pounds down and 7 inches off waist plus hit a 155kg back squat and 180kg deadlift

Derek’s story: “My overall fitness and strength improved dramatically in such a short space of time. Each workout is tailored to achieve exactly what we’ve discussed, and Peter’s expert knowledge and tips on nutrition keeps me on track. I couldn’t recommend his programs highly enough.”

Perform Gym Client Jane


Results: Lost approx 18 pounds and successfully ran her first half marathon

Jane’s story: “I began training with Peter so I could successfully take part in a half marathon (and enjoy the experience). The comprehensive and challenging routines have been integral to my achieving and surpassing my goals, motivating me onwards.



Results: In just 8 weeks, Patrick dropped 12 pounds, reduced his waist size by 6cm and his body fat by over 5%.

Perform Gym Client Micehal


Results: Semi-pro Rugby Union player increased his 1RM squat by 45kg (150 – 195kg) and 1RM bench press by 15kg (130 – 145kg) whilst increasing sport specific conditioning

Michael’s story: “I started Peter’s ‘Performance for Team Sports’ training program in order to improve my performance going back into semi-pro Rugby Union. My strength increased dramatically in 12 weeks, my body fat decreased whilst maintaining my body weight and my aerobic fitness increased. This all translated into huge improvements in my power and speed on the pitch, and my ability to maintain a high intensity throughout the entire 80 minutes.”

Perform Gym Client Pat


Results: Lost 28 pounds and dropped 4 dress sizes

Patricia’s story: “In the few months since training with Peter I have overcame chronic knee problems to lose over 2 stone and drop 4 dress sizes. The encouragement he gives stays with me throughout the week, willing me to push myself and stay disciplined, he is my conscience.”

Perform Gym Client


Results: Lost 9 pounds fat & increased fitness

Iain’s story: “With 45 looming I was gradually increasing in weight & girth for every year since I turned forty, I needed to take control of this situation. With a regime of eating well & gym work, with Peter’s guidance, I’ve maintained my weight but lost inches – essentially I’ve increased muscle and lost fat. I just wish I’d started earlier in life, after all we all want to live in a body that is fit and looks good.”

Perform Gym Client Jo


Results: Lost 5 pounds fat, increased strength and hit a new 5km and 10km PB

Jo’s story: “I have seen a massive improvement in my running, after struggling for some time with my 10ks and not being able to do them in under the hour, I managed the Mad Dog 10k in 55:43 and that was at a comfortable pace. I can’t begin to tell you how good it felt. Always thought going to gym as a chore but not anymore, I love it!”

Perform Gym Client Harry


Results: Professional Tennis Player reduced injury rate, improved strength and achieved his first World Ranking point

Harry’s story: “Pete’s methods ensure that I am always at my optimum performance levels during busy tournament schedules whilst still improving long term. Having seen a measurable improvement in a few months I’m excited to see the levels I can attain in the future with his help.”

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