30 Day Personal Training Trial

Are you ready to build strength and fitness, improve your health and find a sustainable way to eat well?

Training at Perform Gym Liverpool

Whether you’re a first time gym goer, returning after a break or already have some experience and are looking for somewhere new to train, the team at our South Liverpool gym can help you.

Gym Beginners

We know that stepping into a gym for the first time can be overwhelming and even a little intimidating, especially when it seems like everyone else knows what they are doing.

Everything can be a worry, from what to wear and where to park so you’re not late, to if you’ll be able to keep up the pace. At Perform gym there is no need to worry – our friendly and supportive team will help you ease into it.

And don’t forget – our clients were all beginners once! They know how it feels to be the newcomer and will be there to help you too – we’re one big community all looking out for one another.

You can come along for a free consultation or just to watch a session and chat to staff and clients before you sign up for the trial, to help build your confidence.

We’re sure that after your 30 days are up you’ll be hooked and your worries will be forgotten!

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What you get for £79?

Personal Training

You will have access to up to 12 small group Personal Training sessions within your 30 days. These are group sessions of no more than four people, which ensure that each client gets personal attention from our trainers.

Nutrition Coaching

You’ll receive a personalised nutrition program and weekly focus to help you reach your goals faster. Whilst all of our services are underpinned by scientific principles, we won’t blind or bore you to death with the science, we will just provide you with a program that fits within your healthy lifestyle.

Open Gym

We provide complementary access to our facility for all members to work out on your off days without the need for another gym membership. Extra ‘core’ or ‘cardio’ can be a great supplement to our Personal Training program.

Support & Accountability

We are here for you, in addition to our monthly 121 reviews of your progress, your nutrition habits and your training, we also provide the daily accountability and support needed to keep you on track.

Body Composition

At your initial consultation, and regularly thereafter, we will help you track your progress. We tailor this to your needs and track the metrics that matter to you.

Movement Screen

At your initial consultation, and regularly thereafter, we assess your movement and flexibility, helping you to stay injury free, personalising your program, tracking changes and improvements and helping move you towards your fitness goals.

Beyond the Gym

We also have a closed Facebook group for clients and trainers to share tips, recipes and experience. And ask questions in a supportive, private and non-judgemental community.

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What our members are saying

Ready to Get Started?

Why 30 days?

Our 30 day personal training trial allows you the time and flexibility to experience the full scope of our services, from group Personal Training and nutrition advice, to our Team Training sessions.

You’ll be able to really get a feel for our community, make some new friends and identify which of our services work best for you – you can even figure out if you prefer training in the morning or the evening.

Why do people choose Perform?

Our clients tell us that our expertise, flexibility and friendly community are the reason they chose Perform Personal Training.

Their reasons for training are varied. Some use exercise to boost their mental health and wellbeing or to hit a weight loss goal (we’ve helped more than a few brides and grooms through to their wedding day!) Others train so that they can improve their fitness to enable them to enjoy sports with their kids or to help overcome injuries.

Age isn’t an issue at Perform, in fact our sessions are largely cross-generational. We’ve had beginners and returners join us in their late twenties and early sixties and we’ve trained friends and families together too.

The beauty of our flexible and realistic program is that whatever your age, shape, personal goal or ability, you can train together to achieve great results.

If you’re ready to get started, please leave your contact details with us and we will be in touch.

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Q. Are the training times flexible?

A. Yes very. We run sessions every half hour weekdays 6.00-10.30am and 4.30-8pm and Saturdays 7.30-11am.

Q. How do I book my sessions?

A. We use the Mindbody booking app for you to manage your schedule.

Q. Are changing rooms and showers available?

A. Yes, we have both male and female showers and changing rooms for clients to make use of before and after their sessions.

Q. Where is the gym?

A. We are based in Hunts Cross, South Liverpool (L24 9HW)

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