Last week Perform added the InBody body composition analyser (or IB as we affectionately call it) to the team, so we thought we’d explain a little bit about our new space-age looking piece of kit and how it will change member assessments in future.

First of all, it’s quick – a reading takes around 15 seconds – and there’s no more pinching required. In fact the only uncomfortable part of the assessment is the way you can see your numbers increasing as the reading takes place and you can look away for that bit, if you like!

You just need to stand on the IB and hold the handles with your thumbs on the metal pads. The device then precisely measure body composition by sending multiple (very low) electrical voltages through the inner body, resulting in up to six different impedance readings for the trunk and four limbs. Simply put, it can calculate body fat mass, water content and muscle mass by how long it takes for these small voltages take to get to various parts of your body.

Second of all, this is a new way of measuring progress and it can’t be compared to our previous methods, so whatever your numbers – don’t panic. This is a new baseline and the additional detail available using the IB means we can tailor your programme even more accurately to your needs.

Muscle-Fat Analysis

The most important results on your IB report are your muscle-fat analysis and understanding them is as easy as C.I.D.

If you draw a line following your numbers, the ideal shape is a ‘D’ where your weight and body fat mass are lower than your skeletal muscle mass. An ‘I’ shape, where all your numbers are roughly in line, is an acceptable position. An exaggerated ‘C’ shape indicates that weight and body fat mass are higher than muscle mass, which is something we can work on rectifying through our training programme and nutrition guidance.

Obesity Analysis

The next section of the report shows BMI for one reason only – to prove how inaccurate a measurement it is, when shown against other, more detailed results. Percentage body fat, however, is a useful measurement and we’ll be working to help all Perform Fitness Family members get into the ‘normal’ range for their age, height and gender.

Segmental Lean and Fat Analysis

Finally, the Segmental Lean and Fat Analysis shows the distribution of muscle and fat throughout the body. Using this information we can identify areas of weakness in terms of muscle, which can be address in training, as well as where and how fat is distributed, to be addressed through both training and nutrition.

Booking an Assessment

While assessments are currently open to members only, we will be offering this service to non members as a one-off consultation and assessment package, stay tuned for more details!

If you haven’t already, why not book in for your first appointment with IB? Peter or Aaron will talk you through what the data means for you and how we can tweak your programme and nutrition to ensure you get the best results.

To book an appointment, contact us here

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