“I started training at Perform on my 57th birthday, after about two years of dipping in and out of a number of exercise classes. I’d started doing those classes after I was diagnosed with osteoporosis at 55.

It was a real shock – we all still think we are 20 in our heads don’t we? It was then that my thought process changed from wanting to drop a dress size, to “this is serious now Jackie, the clock is ticking.

I have three beautiful grandchildren and I knew that I wanted to be as active and in the best possible health to enjoy myself with them. My parents live with me and they struggle with their mobility, which is heartbreaking to watch. I don’t want my children and grandchildren to be in the same position. I want to be an active 100-year-old!

Joining a regular gym was a start, but I would carry my gym bag around in the boot of my car with every intention of going to the gym from work. I would then work late and go straight home tired, feeling like a failure and disappointed in myself.

Other things started to have an impact too. As well as the osteoporosis, the menopause had not been kind to me, I had put about a stone on over the last eight years, my body shape had changed, fat increased on my stomach and hips and it all made me feel so unhappy about myself.

My work life is so stressful and fast paced, but retirement is getting further away from all of us, so became aware that I needed to improve my mental health and general wellbeing, as well as my strength and fitness. I don’t want to be going to work on a zimmer frame!

The classes I was doing, yoga and Broadway dance, were great fun but my core strength was really weak and I knew I needed to tackle my strength. Two classes a week, when I spend nine hours a day sat at my desk in work, just wasn’t enough.

I felt like it was now or never. When I read about what Perform had to offer I immediately felt it was exactly what I was looking for. I had nothing to lose in giving it a go!

The first time I came to Perform I immediately felt at ease. There was a small group of people, just normal people with no big egos. Aaron greeted me and completed my introduction. On that first visit I knew this is what I had been looking for and I would sign up to be a member of the Perform fitness family. Everyone was really nice, no one judged me. I didn’t feel like the oldest person in the gym and I felt like I fitted in. I was at ease with the whole environment.

We all encourage and motivate each other and there is lots of banter, you’re always guaranteed a good laugh. We share healthy recipes in our private Facebook group and there is always someone to offer support or advice. I never imagined fitness could be so enjoyable.

I was probably really rubbish at everything at first but I didn’t let this put me off as I just told myself that I can only improve. The gym is not intimidating at all and it has lots of different equipment that is making more and more sense to me as I progress. It’s not complicated, though, and it’s all necessary for helping you to achieve your best possible outcome. The training and equipment used is actually fun at times.

I like the flexibility of the sessions available and have chosen to do the early morning sessions at 6.30am, three times a week. I do my session, have a shower then off to work. On my gym days I’ve noticed how much more energy I have that lasts throughout the day. Obviously, there are days when I have to actually drag myself out of bed to go, as soon as I walk through the door of the gym and start the warm up routine I feel committed and ready to work.

The PT’s are excellent and the knowledge they have in fitness and nutrition is second to none. If I have an injury or an old problem flares up Peter immediately makes a couple of adjustments to my workout to accommodate the problem, this enables me to continue until the issue settles and I can get back to the schedule. They are always on hand to offer advice and support and always have the answers as they are both masters of fitness and nutrition!

In the last four months I have noticed my clothes fit me much better and my posture has improved. I am toning up and feel happier about myself. For the first time in years that horrid stubborn stomach fat is actually reducing. My mental health has improved and above all I am stronger, and that makes me feel great.

I would recommend Perform to all people for the simple reason that if you’re committed and want results it works. I especially would recommend Perform for women who can empathise with some of my reasons for joining. After the menopause diet alone is not enough, you really have to commit to your overall fitness and it’s my belief that the only place you can achieve that is at Perform with Peter and Aaron.”

Jackie W, Perform Fitness Family Member since November 2018

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