Following on from our previous post on Resting Metabolic Rate, we’re going to look at what has the next biggest impact on our metabolism, Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis.

Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis

Basically this is all of the general activity that we do throughout the day that isn’t formal exercise, such as standing up, walking around, gardening, taking the dog for a walk and taking the stairs.

One of the easiest ways to maintain a base level of aerobic fitness is to be more active. In doing so you will burn a lot more calories, but it is often underestimated and substituted for more cardio at the gym. Thirty minutes on a bike may burn off a few hundred extra calories, but so does taking your dog for a decent walk around the park. Five walks a week, is an extra ~1,000kcal burnt!

The difference with NEAT, however, is that it gives you the chance to get out and about, enjoying activities that have been proven to have a positive impact on reducing stress levels and aiding recovery. These are currently a huge issues and limiting factor in many clients’ pursuit of a healthier lifestyle, fat loss and muscle gain.

How to add NEAT to your routine

After prioritising strength training in your routine, try adding more NEAT to burn some extra calories, aid recovery and reduce stress.

Be more active: take the stairs, get up from your desk, do a lap of the office or take a walk at lunchtime

Get outdoors: Soak up some sun (if we’re lucky) in the park, beach or wherever you have access to. Try to make the effort not to just go from home to office and back again

Exercise intensely: High intensity exercise can actually increase your metabolism for up to a day trying to recover. This means that you will keep burning calories well after your session ends.

It’s that simple. Work hard when you train and prioritise strength training with some high intensity work. Recover with low intensity activity such as walking or cycling, all while just being that little bit more active.

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