“I was very health conscious in my teens and early 20s and I played a lot of sport to quite high levels when I was at school and university. 

However, this gradually got less and less as my career started to take priority. Running a number of companies having been in IT for many years, my work has always involved a lot of travelling and meeting/ office based work on a laptop. I had also faced some longer standing issues with knees, hips and lower back from old sports injuries, none of which had recovered properly or been helped by my working lifestyle.   

My wake up call about my general fitness only really kicked in at the age of 42. I was six months away from getting married and my Dad had fallen seriously ill a couple of years earlier, so I was driven to make a change.

At that time I still tried to fit in a bit of golf, water sports and football when I could, but I wanted to make a more focused effort on serious training in the lead up to our wedding. I wanted to tone up and have a healthier lifestyle in general, focusing on me a bit more than I had done in previous years.

Improving my eating habits was important, but my main goal was to start training regularly, so I could get fitter and healthier all round. I wanted to have a good balanced lifestyle. Given the demands of both my work and life, I was worried that I might not be able to find or make the time to fit training in, but the team got me on track in no time.

Everyone in the gym was welcoming from the start. There was a lot of attention on technique and what I needed to focus on specifically myself. Even though we were training in small groups the workouts felt focused on me and my needs.

The equipment in the gym is excellent (I just need to convince Peter to add a pool and sauna) and all of the Personal Training team are friendly, experienced and knowledgeable. They made me feel at home and if you need anything or are unsure then you just have to speak up and ask!

The other members are great and really friendly too, it’s a good fun mix of people, all different ages and fitness levels, but once you’re there it’s all about the training. Since joining Perform in May 2017 I’ve found my enjoyment of training and fitness again. My general movement, posture and strength have improved dramatically. I’ve also lost a bit of weight and more importantly toned up a lot.

When I first signed up, I struggled to do a handful of press ups and pull ups and can now manage a lot more. I feel a hundred times fitter and stronger than ever, and I’m looking forward to setting some new goals for the new year, one of which will be spending two months at sea as part of the Clipper Round the World yacht race for amateur sailors that starts in summer 2019. I’ve got four weeks training to do for it too starting in February, so that’ll test my fitness levels more than ever.

Perform is a really professional set up for ‘normal people’ who want to learn more about a balanced lifestyle, eating the right things and complementing this with regular training. The atmosphere is fun, everyone is welcome and I’m certainly happier with my health and fitness than I have been for a long time. 

If anyone is thinking about joining and has any reservations, all I can say is just give it a go and you’ll love it!

Ben J, Perform Fitness Family member since May 2018

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