“My reasons for joining Perform weren’t the ones you’d expect for a guy who had just turned 30. I’d had two hip replacements in two years, due to arthritis in both hips. I’d lost my regular fitness level over the past six to eight years due to the pain I was experiencing. When I decided to join Perform I was at rock bottom in terms of fitness levels, practically having to learn to walk again after the operations I’d had.

I decided to start training because I don’t like sitting around and I enjoy moving around and motivating myself, it gives me the energy to take each day as it comes. I also really missed the social energy of fitness. I did swimming point but I had never been to the gym before.

Ahead of starting I felt nervous but excited for the journey ahead. I knew that this was something that I both needed and wanted to do. I wanted to feel more confident and comfortable about myself, as I had put weight on and lost flexibility due to the arthritis.

This is were Perform came in, The team not only helped me to build up my strength and work towards my goals, they supported me in building my confidence too.

One of my goals was to build strength in my core, hips, knees and back, as all these areas had taken a strong physical and mental hit, with me having to walk differently to try to compensate the pain that I was in daily. I was walking with a regular limp after both surgeries, which really knocked my confidence. After the second surgery, I was still walking with a slight limp due to not having full strength back after the previous hip surgery.  

Another goal was to be able to enjoy life with my family more. To able to sit and play on the floor with my son who is nearly two now. I’m 6 foot 6 inches tall, so it was a long way down to move and bend! I also wanted to be able to go on a normal relaxing walk with my wife and child without being in any pain or having to sit down every 15-20 minutes. Now I can do both of these without complaining. I actually enjoy day-to-day activities a lot more now due to my confidence and having body strength back in my life.

I was a bit worried that I would have to start from scratch at the bottom of the fitness ladder. As I have known Aaron for many years now, I contacted him before joining. He supported me through the first couple of weeks, giving me regular advice and encouragement to start the journey. My first time in Perform gym was a comfortable one due to having had my consultation beforehand with Peter. Completing my functional movement screen (FMS) with Peter proved what a professional environment it was. The gym was a little smaller than I expected, but this was actually a positive as it works really well for the small group training sessions. It meant more one-to-one time that provided a more personal experience and also facilitated better personal progression.

Aaron and Peter, have been nothing short of professional, encouraging and confident in my ability, as well as very supportive through my progression. I feel I’ve come a very long way due to their amazing support.  Both have always pushed me to be stronger, but in my own time and when I had the confidence to do so, which didn’t take me long as it grew with each session.

I usually book into sessions between 6am – 10am so I have met many other clients, some that have been at Perform for years or even just weeks. The environment, energy and people I train with are great, The other members support me and also push me to thrive, be better and beat my personal best scores. It’s great to see other members around me progress too. It fills you with confidence that the Perform way does work.

To give you an idea of how it’s worked from me, on day one I could hardly move 60 kg on the prowler, I’m now pushing 220kg quite comfortably 😜. At first I struggled to deadlift 40kg on deadlift but have hit a PB of 140kg. My health and fitness is at the best it has been in nearly eight years. Even though I still struggle with nutrition and diet. When coming the gym I feel confident, strong, relaxed but also excited to turn up and see what lies ahead in each session. I actually do enjoy the gym every time I go as I know I’m here to benefit myself.

Based on what I have achieved week on week, it has been simply amazing. A journey in itself. It’s great value for money, as I do get what I want from turning up at Perform gym every time and it also shows that others who have been there for years also believe in what I believe in now. I’d definitely recommend it.

If you’re considering joining, if you want to move forward in your life in the fitness department, then this is the place you need to be. I feel like a new person since joining.  Give it a go. Listen to the PTs. Give it time but also take your time, move up when you feel ready to and you will feel the benefit in no time at all.”

Chris A, Perform Fitness Family member since September 2018.

If you want to find out more about the Perform Fitness Family or join us, contact the team here.

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