At the start of April, as a gym, we set ourselves the challenge of burning off a total of 50,000 calories on our Airdyne bikes, to raise money for our chosen charity of the year, Amputation Foundation.

It was a lofty target, but our members and trainers really got stuck into the challenge, smashing our target by the end of the third week.

In total, with everyone pitching in a few extra calories burn at the start or end of each session, we burned 63,948 calories.

To put that in perspective, that’s around 1,000 miles travelled (with 1.5 miles burning an average of around 100 calories) and the equivalent of almost 250 McDonald’s Big Macs burned off.

Competitive as ever, PTs Aaron and Debbie battled it out for top spot with Aaron burning 7,040 calories and Debbie burning off 6,198. Peter was incapacitated with a nasty chest infection (bless) so we won’t tease him too much about the fact he only burned 2,520.

So many Perform Fitness Family (PFF) members beat or hit their pledged targets, just by putting in a little bit of extra time and effort each week. As well as raising awareness and money for Amputation Foundation, this also had a great impact on client’s individual fitness results.

The top five performing members in this challenge were:

  1. Laura J – 4,003
  2. Abigail – 3,168
  3. Javier – 3,165
  4. Jay G – 3,006
  5. Brian – 2,650

Donation buckets will be in reception for another week, after which we’ll update you all on the total raised.

Stephen Cruse, Founder of Amputation Foundation said about our challenge: “We’re really impressed by the effort from the Perform Fitness Family team. It was a high target and you all smashed it. We’re really grateful for the awareness and funds raised for our organisation. Even the smallest donation can make a huge difference.”

PFF member. Laura W, who nominated Amputation Foundation to be the gym’s charity of the year, added: “I’m really grateful to everyone at Perform for getting behind this challenge. The charity has offered me and so many other amputees and their families vital support and by raising money and awareness Perform is helping to spread that support further and wider.”

You can read more about Laura’s story on the Perform website or on her blog and find out more about the Amputation Foundation here.

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