It’s always this time of year that we start to see a flurry of “30-day body transformations”, “beach body boot camps” or “six week shreds”.

Most promise the same thing, significant weight loss in a short time frame. Some are so confident in their “tried and tested” techniques, they’ll even give you your money back if you don’t get the results you want.

Sounds great doesn’t it? Hit it hard for six weeks, eat like a bird and live like a hermit. Do that and you’re sorted *poof*. Body – transformed for good. Except, that’s not how it works.

Body transformations like these are a very clever con. It’s not that the organisations that champion these methods are ripping you off financially. Many are professional services that will deliver to a good standard. The con comes in what they make you believe.

That six weeks is all it takes.

In our opinion, body transformations like this will always be doomed to fail. Here’s why:

Body Transformations Have A Quick Fix Emphasis

All of these programmes emphasise short term techniques to deliver a quick fix. They offer nothing in the form of sustainability and they don’t provide any education to help you continue the work once the programme is over.

Extreme Measures

Results are often achieved through extreme measures, such as extremely low carb diet and high levels of cardio to reduce weight fast. It might be just about bearable for six weeks, but further than that, it’s completely unsustainable

Start and End Mentality

Transformation programmes give a defined start and end point. This effectively sets a finish time to eating well and exercising, when a continuing and balanced approach should be encouraged.

No Education

Following a meal plan to a tee is easy and it does work. But how can you make that sustainable? How do you know how to deviate from it to allow for life happening, so you can enjoy yourself and still stay on track? Educating clients, as we do at Perform, helps them to adapt and adjust their approach to food, so they can keep moving forward.

High Cardio/Low Strength Training

Focusing on high cardio activity with little strength training burns muscle, not fat. People think that losing weight fast is good. It is, but only if it is fat you’re losing. If you burn muscle your metabolism drops and your body’s ability to burn fat reduces.

Results Plateau

Your body reacts to a low calorie diet with a high cardio expenditure by reducing your metabolism to match what you’re feeding it. That’s when your results plateau. What’s more, when you start eating normally again your metabolism will have dropped to a point where you’ll put more weight on than when you started.

Unhealthy Relationship With Food

The all or nothing mentality, in terms of nutrition breeds a really unhealthy relationship with food. If you deviate from your strict plan, you’ll feel guilty or like a failure. You’ll deprive yourself so much in the ‘transformation’ period that you’re likely to have a big rebound to unhealthy habits once it’s done. The outcome, you find yourself back where you started!

They’re Designed To End Just Before Results Plateau

Four to six weeks is around the point where your body gets used to what you’re doing to it, in terms of suddenly ramping up exercise and restricting calories. Transformation programmes end at this point so you feel like you’ve seen incredible results. The fact is, after that, results would start to slow naturally. That’s where the hard work really begins.

In a nutshell, these traditional ‘transformations’ are basically a crash diet with intense amounts of exercise. They’re a shock to your body. That wouldn’t be a problem if there was aftercare that follows, guidance on how to now eat and workout to maintain what you’ve achieved in a sustainable manner.

The cynics in the Perform team think that’s because they don’t want you to. They want you to be back, ahead of your next holiday or special occasion, paying once again for the quick fix.

There is another way. Here at Perform we offer a transformational programme. One that will change your body – and the way you approach fitness and nutrition. Not just for six weeks, but for good.

You see, people don’t have a problem with weight loss, we have a problem with keeping weight off. We really need help with the bit after the transformation.

People sometimes confuse our 30 day trial with a ‘30 day transformation’. It’s not the same thing. While we know our trial delivers results, we offer and advocate slower, but longer-term change. The first 30 days allows you to try out our techniques, train in our small group PT sessions and see if it’s for you.

You’ll see how small changes can have an impact on the way you look and feel. You might not drop a dress size, but you will lose weight, sleep better and even see aches and pains start to vanish.

Our approach:

  • Teaches habits to transform your lifestyle, such as nutrition, regular exercise and sleep patterns
  • Incorporates strength training to build muscle, increase metabolism and therefore increase calorie burn
  • Has no end date. There’s no ‘I eat this way until…’. We aim to you make a change for life, with a focus on health and maintaining your results
  • Teaches you to eat well 80-90% of the time depending on your goals and allow or plan for flexibility
  • Encourages you to train consistently 2 – 4 times per week as an enjoyable habit, rather than everyday for six weeks then stop completely

Interested in finding out more about our approach? Take a look at our 30 day trial or contact us today.

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